About Us

Dial + Bezel is an auction platform and enthusiast community for watch lovers.

Dial + Bezel auctions are the best way to buy and sell classic, collector, and vintage watches.

We curate watches submitted by our audience and craft transparent auction listings that present the timepieces as they are, without industry jargon or biased language – what you see will always be what you get.

At D+B, we rely on the wisdom of you, our community to inject transparency into the watch buying process. With our open comment format, our army of knowledgeable users and registered bidders vets each listing so potential buyers can bid with confidence.

The Founders

Dial + Bezel was created by three friends, Parker Lieberman, Spencer Davidson, and Brian Bochner with the goal of creating a home for the vintage watch community on the internet.

Parker Lieberman

Parker is a Los Angeles native living in New York City who has spent his career with one foot in hospitality and real estate and one foot in entrepreneurship. He has been learning about and collecting watches for the past 12 years with a penchant for any watch with a great backstory.

Favorite Watch Features
• Applied Breguet numerals
• Integrated bracelets
• Military provenance

Spencer Davidson

Born and raised with New York City in his backyard, Spencer has been a collector, wheeler and dealer of the obscure since he can remember. With an extensive background in finance, sales and hospitality, Spencer has quickly transformed his growing passion and enthusiasm for the world of horology into an obsession. He is a true believer that each watch carries its own story, fueling his constant search for the oddest, coolest and most unique watches available.

Favorite Watch Features
• Gilt Dials
• Day-dates
• World Timers

Brian Bochner

Like Parker, Brian is a Los Angeles native living in New York City. He has spent his career working in advertising and marketing for some of the biggest consumer brands as well as up-and-coming startups. He has been a student of the watch world for the past 10 years with an affinity for vintage Cartier and 1601 Rolex Datejusts.

Favorite Watch Features
Sunken sub-registers
Sector dials
Small seconds complications