General Electric “Selectron” by Ollech & Wajs

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The History

General Electric is a company that makes everything from microwaves to jet engines, but watches have never been part of their lineup and even through this watch says General Electric on the dial it is not a General Electric made watch. This watch was actually made by Ollech & Wajs, a swiss company with a long history of producing reliable Swiss watches at reasonable prices, and this is their Selectron model with a General Electric dial. The big question remains then why does this watch have a General Electric signed dial. Unfortunately, after extensive research, the answers are still alluding us. When these watches have sold in the past they generally include some version of a story that these watches were made for General Electric test pilots during the Vietnam War Era. As much as we like that story, it is not one that we can confirm. The time period is correct and the Selectron was marketed as a pilots watch with its aviation focus slide rule bezel so the story is definitely possible, but the watches could also have been made for engineers, executives, or simply as a marketing tool. The story of this watch is still waiting to be told so if you have any information on the history of these awesome watches please let us know.


The Reference

The Ollech & Wajs Selectron is arguably the most famous model ever produced by the brand. The model is a tried and true tool watch made and advertised to pilot and other aviation professionals. What makes this watch a tool watch is its slide rule bezel that could be used to perform various calculations right on the wearers wrist. The watch was considered huge when it was made, measuring in at 41mm not including the crown. That was absolutely massive when compared to the 3mm-36mm watches of the era.


The Case

The 41mm chrome plated case is in excellent condition. The watch has seen little wear and there are only minor scratches to note. The bezel rotates freely and the black coating shows no sign of wear with none of the base metal showing through. The caseback and crown appear to be correct and are thought to be original.


The Dial and Hands

The dial and hands are also in excellent condition with only some minor dust buildup to note. The lume is full across all of its applications and has aged to a pale yellow evenly across the dial. The red second hand adds the perfect pop of color against the black and white dial.


The Movement

This watch features a FHF Cal. 96-4 manually wound movement. The watch is running and the service history is unknown.


Auction Expired

Auction Expired because there were no bids

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